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Beautiful Morning Prayer

Morning prayers are the perfect way to focus your time and attention on pursuing God’s plans for the day ahead. Then start your day by reading Powerful Morning Prayer.

There is hardly a better time to pray than in the morning. It was always important for early Christians to start the day with morning prayers, whose prayers often evoked the presence of the Trinity – Father, Son and Holy Spirit – with them in their often arduous work on earth.



Today, Through this Powerful Prayer, Give me the grace to always be by your side and serve you forever. Through our Lord Jesus Christ, Your Son, in the unity of the Holy Spirit.

With this Prayer, I ask for help to heal difficult situations.

Lord, I implore your power to achieve my goals.

I know that as long as I have Jesus in my heart, everything is possible.

Thus said Jesus, His Son and our God.

So, and in the face of the agonies of life, I will never be scared or give up, because these situations only serve to test my faith, demonstrating to the Lord my commitment and all my love.

My dear God, I beg you for strength and clarity to fight the difficulties of my life.

Never let me lose faith!

Eternal God, I also ask for protection for my children.

To you, Lord, I turn to all the problems that surround me. Defend me from my enemies, from enemy evil in all its forms, and inspire me to imitate you in all good things.

May your blessing be with me always, so that I can defend myself from everything that is not pleasing to Dear Jesus, and thus free myself from the opportunities of sin.

I also beg you, God, for the cure of all kinds of illness, for me and all those I love, especially the one that afflicts me right now.

Thank you so much: for the family, for my job, for health, for food, for your protection and even for the things that didn’t work out, because only the Lord knows the reason for each of my situations.

Even when I feel like I’m alone, God will remain by my side, and if I fall, He will support my fall and help me to get back up.

I will always trust in our Father God, since, for God the Father, nothing is impossible, and God only gives each of us what God knows we can bear.

Make my faith the main weapon in the Problems I encounter in my life, always maintaining optimism, because happiness in eternity concerns only those who believe!

Through this Powerful Morning Prayer, I ask you for strength to Bring peace to my children.

Thank you for everything, Lord.

Stay with me always!

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